Undertaking Neck Therapy and Treatments in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Reduce any neck problems with help from our experienced physiotherapists at Bodywise Physiotherapy Clinic. Our clinic in Leeds, West Yorkshire, offers an array of neck treatments to help deal with neck pain, an extremely common condition with many recognisable symptoms. Specialising in neck therapy, we will determine how to successfully treat all your symptoms, ranging from simple neck pain and stiffness to headaches, referred pain, or altered sensation in the arm or fingers. Get in touch today to enquire about our treatments.



Cervical headaches are headaches stemming from problems in the neck. Such headaches can be the result of tightness of soft tissues, stiffness of the joints in the neck, poor posture or nerve irritation.

We offer various methods of treatment for these problems, including:

  • Neck Joint Mobilisation
  • Stretching and Strengthening Exercises
  • Massage
  • Postural Advice
  • Ergonomic Advice


Commonly incurred following a road traffic accident or a sports injury, whiplash does not always cause severe pain at the time of injury but may worsen over the following 24 to 48 hours. Early intervention and advice on posture and specific exercises are essential in managing whiplash. Our methods of treatment include:

  • Posture Advice
  • Range of Movement / Strengthening Exercises
  • Advice on Early Mobilisation
  • Massage / Soft Tissue Mobilisations
  • Joint Mobilisation

Expert Neck Treatments

With a vast range of experience, our skilled team deliver first-class neck therapy and treatments.

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