Delivering Video Exercise Classes for Clients in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Boost your strength and conditioning with our tailored exercise classes. Suitable for clients throughout Leeds, West Yorkshire, and the surrounding areas, our Zoom video classes will help you improve core strength and flexibility, ultimately helping with the long term management of back pain and other musculoskeletal conditions. Backed by more than 20 years’ experience in physiotherapy and over 30 years' in exercise therapy we are confident these low impact exercise classes will aid with the reduction of pain by strengthening key muscles. Get in touch today to receive more information and book a FREE taster session.

Physio-Led Video Exercise Classes

Our exercise classes are low impact sessions designed to improve core strength and flexibility and help to correct muscle imbalance that if left uncorrected can often lead to injury.

These classes are suitable for all levels as modifications and progressions of exercises are demonstrated throughout. Correct position and posture advice is given throughout the class for optimal benefit and comfort.

Undertaken via Zoom, our video exercise classes can be done live or pre-recorded to do at the time of your choosing. These classes are aimed at:

  • Building Core Strength
  • Conditioning Joints and Muscles
  • Correcting Muscle Imbalance
  • Improving Flexibility and Mobility
  • Reducing Aches and Pains
  • Toning Muscles (A Great Side-Effect!)

Comprehensive Exercise Classes

With strength and conditioning in mind, our exercise classes will keep you fit and active. Contact us today to arrange a FREE taster session.

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