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Why your joints are stiff and painful on a morning?

Almost every day I get asked the same questions: ‘Why do I feel so stiff and tight on a morning?’, ‘Why is my back so stiff when I wake up?’, ‘Why do I need a hot shower to loosen me … Continue reading

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Tiger Woods’ neck injury….could it be related to whiplash?

I assessed and treated a 35year old male patient last week for acute left sided neck pain. On questioning him on what he thought had triggered his pain, he told me he had suffered a whiplash injury following a car … Continue reading

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Poor Posture…A pain in the neck!

A large percentage of my weekly caseload of patients within the clinic suffer pain related to poor posture. Many of these patients are office workers or have sedentary jobs. Sitting at a desk or in the car for a large … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Bodywise Physiotherapy

Welcome to the new Bodywise Physiotherapy website. Bodywise Physio in Leeds West Yorkshire offer treatments for back pain, neck pain, sciatica, knee pain, headaches, sports injuries and more. Call us today on 07736 225 177 to book an initial consultation.

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